Wednesday, September 17, 2014

LA Sentinel

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  Who Wore It Best?
  Do you believe the 'Not Guilty' verdict of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was justified?
  Which N.B.A. legend would you start a franchise with?
  Do you think Dwight Howard wants to be a member of the Los Angeles Lakers??
  Can the Lakers win the 2012-213 N.B.A. Championship?
  Do you think President Barack Obama has made an effort to uplift the Black community?
  Do you believe Christopher Dorner's actions are justified?
  Do you think Manti Te'o is telling the truth?
  Do you think Manti Te'o is telling the truth?
  Who should the Lakers trade?
  Should background checks be required to purchase a gun?
  Do you like the hire of Mike D'Antoni as the Lakers Head Coach?
  Who won the contoversial NFL Monday Night Football Game, Seattle Seahawks Vs. Green Bay Packers (2012)?
  Are South L.A. Communities improving?
  Are our Black Youth more out of touch than previous generations?
  Has the Obama Administration performed up to your standards?
  Are Black reality TV shows misrepresenting our culture?
  Is R&B dead?
  Do you think voting is still relevant today?
  Who will win the 2012 Presidential election?
  Do you think America should intervene with the conflict in Syria?
  Which "Dream Team" is better?
  Who would win if Chris Brown and Drake fought in the ring?



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