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Noesis Therapy
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 25 December 2008
Hello World, another day closer to Christmas and I hope all of your travels have been safe. This article is for those who may be spending Christmas alone this year. Those people who have no family, ... read more >>
All I Want for Christmas is a Black President
Written by Malik Spellman 25 December 2008
Dear Mr. Santa my name is Malik and all I want for Christmas is a Black president so that my children can see that anything is possible through faith. What my mama would say and recommend as a recipe ... read more >>
Annual Founder's Kwanzaa Message1966-42nd Anniversary-2008
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 25 December 2008
This season of the celebration of Kwanzaa comes at a time of heightened hope and historic turning, not only for us as a people, but also for this country and the world. There is this wide-spread sense ... read more >>
Prince of Peace, Not Push for Presents
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 25 December 2008
Unemployment is rising. Many families are tightening their belts. This year, we're told, may be one of the worst Christmas holidays for retail stores in decades. But economic distress doesn't ... read more >>
Enraged Gays Against My Page
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 25 December 2008
When president-elect Barack Obama announced that conservative evangelist Rick Warren would deliver the inaugural invocation on January 20, 2009, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, ... read more >>
A White Gay's Guide for Dealing with the Black Community
Written by Jasmyne A. Cannick (Columnist) 25 December 2008
 The following article is Chapter Four in Jasmyne Cannick's ongoing series "A White Gay's Guide to Dealing with the Black Community for Dummies." At a time when gay leaders ... read more >>
Katrina Gross Negligence Affirms Prior Assessment
Written by Larry Aubry (Columnist) 25 December 2008
In August, 2007, I voiced concern that post- Katrina planning gave insufficient attention to the poorest victims. Unfortunately, those concerns have been affirmed: The Black poor, especially in the ... read more >>
Why Are Black People Killing Themselves?
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 18 December 2008
For all who might have missed it, I'd like to call attention to Larry Aubry's excellent article, "Black on Black Violence: Part Pained Indifference," that appeared in the Dec. 4 edition ... read more >>
Am I Shallow for Wanting My Own Biological Children?
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 18 December 2008
Hello world, I'm not at odds with my desire of wanting to have biological children of my own some day, I just wonder if that is a selfish and shallow decision. I ask this question because I've ... read more >>
The Days of Darkness: Pelican Bay
Written by Malik Spellman 18 December 2008
Well as I travel through the thoughts of my mind I ask the man upstairs if there was anything in particular that he wanted me to say to the people concerning the conditions we are faced with being ... read more >>
Justice and Dignity For All of Us
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 18 December 2008
As the world marks and meditates on the meaning of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued December 10, 1948, it is especially important for us as an African people ... read more >>
At a Crossroad on the Economy
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 18 December 2008
When Republicans blocked the bridge loan sought by the auto companies last week, they opened up basic questions about what kind of America will emerge from the current crisis. The severity of the downturn ... read more >>
Why Blacks Get AIDS
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 18 December 2008
From South Central to sub-Saharan Africa, African-Americans and Africans are being shuffled into Hades as if the Underworld was one colossal 21st-century slave ship! As some believe is the case with ... read more >>
Intellectually Challenged Black Bible Thumping Homophobes
Written by Jasmyne A. Cannick (Columnist) 18 December 2008
You know that feeling you get in the bottom of stomach when you're watching the news and there's a particularly horrible story about some gruesome crime and all you can think is, "I hope ... read more >>
Brewer's Heralded Hiring Also Sealed His Fate
Written by Larry Aubry (Columnist) 18 December 2008
David L. Brewer III's brief stint as superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) represented high hope and expectations gone awry. Convinced that he had the requisite leadership, ... read more >>
The Art of Global Politics (in B Flat)
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 11 December 2008
The problem with many on the left who are already criticizing Barack Obama's cabinet appointments is that they're neither as smart nor as creative as he is. As Barack so deftly pointed out ... read more >>
New Found Respect!
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 11 December 2008
In my opinion true growth is obtained when a person understands their faults and consciously attempts to recognize behaviors that promote ill conduct; thus, changing their habits and becoming a healthier ... read more >>
Concerning Kwanzaa, Race and Religion: Particular, Universal and Common Ground
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 11 December 2008
Each year the coming of Kwanzaa brings a sense of joyful satisfaction of having created something unique, beautiful and beneficial for our people. It also reminds me of the extensive and enjoyable ... read more >>
Congress on the Auto Companies: A Class Act
Written by Rev. Jesse Jackson (Columnist) 11 December 2008
General Motors and Chrysler verge on bankruptcy. Literally millions of jobs across America - auto workers, parts makers, dealers, suppliers - are at risk. Bankruptcy would be a body blow to an economy ... read more >>
Gays in the "Last Days"
Written by Dr. Firpo W. Carr (Columnist) 11 December 2008
Virtually everyone believes that the Bible speaks of an apocalyptic time period where the earth is destroyed in a colossal conflagration of some kind. "In Noah's Day the Lord used water," ... read more >>
The Big Three and the Fourth Wheel!
Written by Larry Buford 11 December 2008
I once proudly worked for Chrysler Corporation as did many of my family and friends back in Detroit. I remember all the pitfalls--the UAW demands; safety issues; predominant everyday grievances, etc. ... read more >>
The Statue of Liberty Wears Shackles
Written by Eric L. Wattree Sr. (Columnist) 04 December 2008
For over a hundred and twenty years the Statue of Liberty has greeted immigrants to these shores with open arms and the promise of the kind of freedom that they had never known. As a result, that towering, ... read more >>
Dictator - Leader, Do You Know the Difference?
Written by Alfonzo Tucker (Columnist) 04 December 2008
Hello world, I trust that your holidays are being enjoyed to the fullest. Last week I was involved in a verbal altercation with my supervisor. This was the first time in my life that I matched tone ... read more >>
Choosing Life in an Era of HIV/AIDS
Written by Dr. Maulana Karenga (Columnist) 04 December 2008
Clearly, HIV/AIDS is one of the defining issues of our era, a raging and relentless epidemic which places us at a precarious crossroads and crisis, and which challenges us to choose life and to reject ... read more >>
The Opening of Doors
Written by Darryl James (Columnist) 04 December 2008
2008 was a year of firsts. Among the many "firsts" was the election of a Black President. President-elect Barack Obama has blazed a path that has never been walked by a person of color. ... read more >>

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