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Grade: Passed!
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 03 November 2008
Despite the naysayers, Obama has been tried and tested, and he has passed the test. The campaign that he is running is the real, best test. There is a wave of positive energy within the Obama campaign ... read more >>
The Economy! The Economy! The Economy!
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 16 October 2008
The Race Has Turned Ugly but the Burning Issues Remain: the Economy, the Economy, the Economy Despite the worsening economic forecasts and Senator John McCain’s attempt to redirect the public’s ... read more >>
Only One More Presidential Debate
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 09 October 2008
Now that the second presidential debate is over, there is only one left before the general election and the nation’s economic woes are crying out for solutions. The second debate has come and ... read more >>
Hundreds Cheer for Obama
Written by Kenneth Miller ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR 02 October 2008
Mohammad Mubarak for SentinelCommunity watch the Obama vs McCain debate outside the Los Angeles Sentinel headquarters.They are expected to return for the vice presidential debate By Kenneth Miller, Sentinel ... read more >>
1st Presidential Debate
Written by Sentinel Staff Writer 25 September 2008
The Sentinel, KJLH Radio, Ward Economic Development, the New Frontier Democratic Club and We Vote for Change will host the first presidential debate, where the public is invited to watch next Friday ... read more >>
“McCain is out of touch on the economy.”
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 18 September 2008
With the country’s economy in chaos, it is important for the next president to understand the fundamentals of economics. The most recent challenge to dominate the presidential campaign is the ... read more >>
Obama Supports LAX Strikers
Written by City News Service 11 September 2008
CNS - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama announced his support last Thursday for airline service workers at Los Angeles International Airport—six days after those employees put ... read more >>
Obama Picks Joe Biden as Running Mate
Written by Jennifer Bihm (Contributing Writer) 23 August 2008
Barack Obama has chosen Delaware Senator Joseph Biden to be his running mate for the 2008 presidential election. Obama posted the official announcement on his website and sent out a text message around ... read more >>
The Presidential “Veep-Stakes.”
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 20 August 2008
The Democratic Convention will take place next week in Denver Colorado and its historic significance is an internationally recognized moment in time. The talk of the town is the presidential “veep-stakes.” ... read more >>
VP Running Mate
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 14 August 2008
Choosing the vice presidential running mate is one of the most important decisions a candidate will make before becoming president. It is most significant for Senator Barack Obama in this election year ... read more >>
Energizing Abroad
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 31 July 2008
Senator Barack Obama’s has engaged America like no other presidential candidate before him to live up to its ideals that “all men are created equal.” That statement may seem out of ... read more >>
Senator Visits Afghanistan and Iraq
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 24 July 2008
Obama’s recent trip seems to have shored up his foreign policy standing and as the convention draws near, the distinction becomes clearer between him and Senator John McCain  Senator Barack ... read more >>
Obama Hammers Home Message to NAACP
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 17 July 2008
In front of a standing-room only crowd at the annual NAACP convention on Monday, July 14, Senator Barack Obama reaffirmed his message of Black people taking more responsibility for their actions as well ... read more >>
The Senator Continues to Lead His Unconventional Campaign on a Focused March to the Presidency
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 10 July 2008
In-keeping with the “unconventional-ness” of his campaign, Senator Barack Obama has scheduled an open-air event at Investco Field, in Denver, Colorado, next month where he will accept the ... read more >>
Hundreds Turn Out at Unite for Change Rally in Leimert Park
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 03 July 2008
Photo credit:?Shon SmithFuture voter, Elias Omar, 15-yrs.old From all over Los Angeles, people gathered at Leimert Park last Saturday at the Unite for Change rally to support Senator Barack Obama, ... read more >>
Obama a Big Hit at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 26 June 2008
It was Senator Barack Obama’s first trip to Los Angeles since his victorious presidential primary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Obama attended a star-studded campaign fundraiser at the Dorothy Chandler ... read more >>

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Another Milestone for Obama
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 19 June 2008
Former Vice President, Al Gore (l) formally endorsing Senator Barack Obama (r) at the Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan.This week, Senator Barack Obama continued his historic march towards the presidency ... read more >>
Community Shows Support at Obama Rally
Written by Jason Lewis (Sports Editor) 12 June 2008
The Los Angeles Sentinel celebrated Barack Obama, as he became the first African American Democratic nominee for president of the United States. “This is a historic week in our history,” ... read more >>
Survey says...Obama beats McCain in California!
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 29 May 2008
A recent survey reported that among California voters, Senator Barack Obama would trounce Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee in the general election in November. The Obama camp however ... read more >>
Oregon Seals the Deal
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 22 May 2008
Winning the Oregon primary placed Senator Barack Obama within striking distance of the nomination. Now it’s up to the Democratic Party to wrap up the nomination and continue on to the general ... read more >>
Obama Takes Super Delegate Lead
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 15 May 2008
This week as Senator Barack Obama moved ahead for the first time in the campaign, in super-delegate count, Senator Hillary Clinton scored a victory in West Virginia. However, observers say that it ... read more >>
The people in Obama's army of small donors
Written by NANCY BENAC, Associated Press 08 May 2008
Kriss Riggs isn't one to spend her money on politicians. "Even the place you can donate a dollar on your taxes, I refuse to do it," says the 60-year-old photographer from Blue River, Ore. ... read more >>
Ready to Win North Carolina
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 01 May 2008
As the primaries continue, Obama maintains his lead in the popular votes, delegates, states won and is closing the gap in super delegatesNext week, Indiana and North Carolina will be holding their primaries ... read more >>
Obama Says he's Outraged by Former Pastor's Comments
Written by Mike Glover, Associated Press 29 April 2008
Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks during a news conference held after a town hall-style meeting in Winston-Salem, N.C., Tuesday, April 29, 2008. Obama said Tuesday ... read more >>
Pennyslvania Hiccup Does Not Deter Obama-Train
Written by Yussuf Simmonds (Managing Editor) 24 April 2008
Last Tuesday ended the six-week lull in the presidential primaries, the Pennsylvania primary referred to as Super Tuesday III. It was the last of the big states with 158 primary delegates (and 29 super ... read more >>

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