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Strategies for Keeping the Peace in Your Relationship
Written by Sentinel News Service 04 June 2009
In the revolutionary new book, How God Changes Your Brain, Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman share in an easy-to-read format, their latest research evidence how spiritual practices better your ... read more >>
How God Changes Your Brain
Written by Janet Alston Jackson (Contributing Writer) 04 June 2009
Listening to Mark Robert Waldman speak is mesmerizing. There is something about his voice that is alluring and calming. You're instantly transported back to childhood hearing your favorite bed-time story ... read more >>
Mom Demands Quality Affordable Health Care
Written by Sentinel News Service 14 May 2009
As part of her 17 state, 8,500 mile, cross-country tour on a customized purple schoolbus, mother and healthcare advocate Kathie McClure visited Children's Bureau's Magnolia Place Family Center in Los Angeles ... read more >>
Women of Influence Step up in Support of Autism
Written by Sentinel News Service 07 May 2009
Holly Robinson-PeeteWomen of Influence from Business, Entertainment, Politics and Non-profits Come Together for Special Needs Network's "Pink Pump Affair" High Tea, Couture Fashion Show and Awards Gala ... read more >>
6th Annual 5K Walk for Women Cancer Survivors
Written by Sentinel News Service 07 May 2009
Healing Odyssey announces its 6th Annual Empowerment Walk. The Empowerment Walk will be held at the Huntington Beach Central Park on Saturday, May 16, from 8a.m. until noon. It is one of our largest annual ... read more >>
The 9th Annual KJLH Women’s Health Forum
Written by Sentinel News Service 01 May 2009
The women of KJLH FM (102.3 FM) invite the public to it’s 9th annual free KJLH Women’s Health Forum, Saturday, May 2, 2009, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. “Many women tell ... read more >>
Blacks Suffer from the Greatest Hate Crime in Human History: HIV/AIDS
Written by Tony R. Wafford (Contributing Writer) 30 April 2009
By I was sitting in my family room early one morning like always, having my morning cup of coffee and reading the paper, when I ran across a story talking about a recent hate crime. As I read the story, ... read more >>
Health, Fitness to Play a Key Role at BBX
Written by Sentinel News Service 30 April 2009
Health education, stress relief and exercise will play a prominent role at the Black Business Expo's 20th Reunion, May 1, 2 and 3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. In addition to the exhibitors, food, ... read more >>
No Known Swine Flu Cases in Los Angeles Unified School District
Written by Sentinel News Service 30 April 2009
To reassure students, their parents and guardians as well as staff, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Ramon C. Cortines sent out on Monday memos, parent letters and telephone messages indicating ... read more >>
Ladera Heights Supports Sickle Cell
Written by Sentinel News Service 16 April 2009
Sickle Cell is no stranger among African Americans. Many of our youth and adults have been diagnosed with this painful disease.The Ladera Heights Chapter of Top Ladies of Distinction Inc. works hard to ... read more >>
A Dream Maker Changing Lives
Written by Janet Alston Jackson 16 April 2009
 The single shots are of Richard LawsonThe multiple people in the shot are (Left to right:) Michele Blair Martin, Ryan Jackson, Richard Lawson, Jorge Ortiz, Taylor Hathorne and Austin JayeApril is Alcohol ... read more >>
Dermatologist, Psychiatrist Launch Web Blog
Written by Super User 09 April 2009
Dermatologist, Psychiatrist Authors of "The Beauty Prescription" Launch Weblog California-based dermatologist Debra Luftman, MD, and Florida-based psychiatrist Eva Ritvo, MD, have launched a weblog based ... read more >>
'No Turning Back': Teens Abuse HIV Drugs
Written by JIM SCIUTTO (Special to the Sentinel) 09 April 2009
Teens in South Africa Smoke Anti-Retroviral Drug Efavirenz for Cheap High  A drug intended to treat HIV and AIDS is sweeping the townships of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is cheap and powerfully ... read more >>
Untangling the Mysteries of the Brain
Written by Sentinel News Service 19 March 2009
Scientists Tackle the Latest Frontier in Alzheimer's Disease Research By the year 2050, over 86 million people--or 21 percent of the total U.S. population--will be age 65 or older. Over that same ... read more >>
Colon Cancer Test Encouraged by American Cancer Society
Written by Sentinel News Service 12 March 2009
Prevention and Early Detection Can Save Lives. African Americans continue to have higher incidences and death rates than other populations   Despite overwhelming evidence that screening test ... read more >>
CDU Urgent Care Clinic Delivers High Quality Service
Written by Sentinel News Service 12 March 2009
The Charles Drew University Urgent Care Clinic is delivering high quality and affordable health care for South Los Angeles residents. The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing ... read more >>
Fighting The Sickle Cell Anemia Stigma
Written by JR Perry (Special to Sentinel) 05 March 2009
There's quite a lot of stigma toward the whole subject of sickle cell anemia. People can feel guilty because they carry a gene and they choose not to talk about it. So they need to talk about ... read more >>
The Closeted Nature of Some Black Men
Written by Wilbert C. Jordan, M.D., MPH 05 March 2009
The American public has now heard of the term Men on the Down-Low. It has become the colloquial term to refer to Black men who are bi-sexual. The concept is not new, and there are been other terms ... read more >>
African American Men's Health and Empowerment Summit
Written by Sentinel News Service 26 February 2009
Sherri Shepherd, Dick Gregory and Norm Nixon set to Participate The Black Barbershop Health Outreach Programs is excited to announce that Sherri Shepherd, co-host of ABC's Emmy nominated The ... read more >>
Fight Pediatric AIDS, Student-Run Largest Held on West Coast
Written by Sentinel News Service 26 February 2009
Students, Celebrities, Performers and Activist Unite at UCLA   The central motif of 2009 thus far has been hope - hope for change, hope for justice, hope for a newfound LOVE for fellow Americans ... read more >>
Top 5 Consequences to Bad Posture
Written by Dr. Damon Soraya 26 February 2009
We all live in a society where a huge emphasis is on looks. But one of the keys ways to maintain your looks that we often never think about is good posture. Remember, when your grandmother told you ... read more >>
Tony Wafford - the new National Director of Health and Wellness for the National Action Network
Written by Sentinel News Service 19 February 2009
AIDS is a cold, hard pandemic - a cannon barreling throughout the African American community in record numbers. Thus, it mandates straightforward, honest dialogue about who can stop it and how. It ... read more >>
California Woman Receives Most Advanced (Non-Invasive) Upper Extremity Prosthetic Solution
Written by Sentinel News Service 19 February 2009
Bionic i-LIMB Hand and Innovative Interface System Increase Amputee's Functionality and Confidence Revolutionary new prosthetic technology has made life easier and more fulfilling for a California ... read more >>
The Hidden Dangers of Carbon Monoxide
Written by Sentinel News Service 29 January 2009
Bitter cold weather can bring more than just frosty mornings and runny noses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the odorless predator--carbon monoxide, also known as CO--sends ... read more >>
Human Stem Cell Trials Win Approval
Written by Sentinel News Service 29 January 2009
A therapy developed at UC Irvine that allowed paralyzed rats to walk again has won federal approval for clinical trials, making it the world's first embryonic stem cell treatment that will be tested ... read more >>

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