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Jena Blog: At Fort Worth Texas
Written by Evan Barnes (Sports Editor) 19 September 2007
Feedback from Michael Baisden broadcast – things will start around 5:00 am tomorrow. As we were leaving Sweetwater, and during the Michael Baisden broadcast,  a reminder from one of the bus coordinators ... read more >>
Jena Blog: 300 Miles to Shreveport, LA
Written by Brian W. Carter (Staff Writer) 19 September 2007
Our caravan of supporters is currently about 300 miles outside of Shreveport LA, and looking forward to arriving. Bus riders are hearing reports that counter protesters from hate groups like the KKK are ... read more >>
Racism: Alive and Well!
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 12 September 2007
Racism is alive and well in America! If you don’t believe it, try spending your next summer vacation in Jena, Louisiana. Like many of you, because it was not happening here in Los Angeles County, ... read more >>
Talk Back-Talk Black
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 06 September 2007
As many of you know, the Bakewell family recently purchased a radio station in New Orleans with the call letters WBOK. In the radio business, WBOK is known as a heritage station. While I am way too young ... read more >>
Labors of Love: Let's Get to Them!!!
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 29 August 2007
The summer is almost over. Labor Day has come and depending on what day it is that you are reading the Sentinel, it may be gone (get a subscription and you will always have your paper before the weekend ... read more >>
Throw Stones and Hide??? What a Coward!
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 23 August 2007
I am often amazed at how many letters I receive from readers every week commenting on my “Talk to Danny” articles. And as I say at the end of every article I really do want to hear from you.However, ... read more >>
Closing of Martin Luther King Hospital
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 16 August 2007
People often ask me why does the Sentinel cover so much political news? Well the closing of Martin Luther King Hospital is exactly why. Decisions like, ‘will we keep the hospital opened or closed’ ... read more >>
"Talk to Me" - The Movie
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 12 July 2007
Another Hard Lesson for Hollywood:  Motown Founder Berry Gordy Deserves Our Respect!Talk to me Hollywood! When are you going to learn you can’t produce an African American film, cast a mostly ... read more >>
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 27 June 2007
All I have known my entire life is that you should unapologetically love being Black, you should love Black people and take pride in everything we as a people have ever accomplished. I have been taught ... read more >>
King Drew Medical Center
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 21 June 2007
I have been a proponent and an advocate of Martin Luther King Hospital for years. I have been willing to stand tirelessly up for them in the wake of people calling it “Killer King” and making ... read more >>
Congressman William Jefferson
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 13 June 2007
If you read last week’s Los Angeles Sentinel you saw that Congressman William Jefferson was indicted on 16 counts ranging from accepting bribes to wielding is influence for personal gain. But, ... read more >>
News in Our Community
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 07 June 2007
First off I would like to thank everyone who has commented on how much they enjoy the new look of the Sentinel. I appreciate all of your positive words. It is truly fulfilling to know that the work ... read more >>
Down But Not Out!
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 01 June 2007
Sorry, I missed last week. I was out of the office ill all week and no matter how hard I tried, I just could not get focused enough to complete "Talk to Danny". Thank you to all of the people ... read more >>
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 17 May 2007
FUN! Somewhere within the hustle and bustle of life, we are all suppose to find some time to have fun, and I believe Summer time is really the best time to have a good time. So, as I approached this week, ... read more >>
The African American Vote
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 03 May 2007
Last week I did a radio show on NPR where the commentator said that “The African American Vote No Longer Counted” that the Latino community was now carrying power and then asked “Is the ... read more >>
Juanita Millander-McDonald
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 26 April 2007
The other morning I woke and realized that I forgot to finish off my “Talk to Danny” the way I had originally planned. I had intended to close with a special word of encouragement and ask all ... read more >>
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 19 April 2007
When you read this week’s Sentinel you are going to find an ad from Gilead Sciences, Inc. regarding AIDS and HIV in the Black Community. This is the first of a series of ads and articles that we ... read more >>
Poor Peoples Campaign
Written by Danny J. Bakewell Jr. (Contributing Editor) 05 April 2007
I am a firm believer in the simple fact that every person who wants a job can get a job. That’s an old school philosophy I learned from my grandfather Frank Bakewell, when I worked at his store on ... read more >>

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